ECAT Lluïsa Cura for Peace and Freedom


After the difficult situation Catalans have endured on 1st  October, School members at ECAT Institut LLuïsa Cura want to:

1.    Convey our most sincere sympathies for those injured by members of the police forces.  We consider these attacks to be an assault against democratic values and an infringement of our fundamental rights: rights of assembly and freedom of speech.

2.    Convey our most sincere sympathies for our colleagues, both teachers and other staff members, students, and former students from other schools, who have been hit, threatened, or have been subjected to pressure for providing access to their schools.

3.    Condemn the police attempts to crack down on the vote and the ill- treatment given to many citizens, whose only crime was to vote peacefully.

4.    Condemn both the use of force to solve a problem that requires a democratic solution and the constant judiciary prosecution of political decisions.

5.    Ultimately, we want to thank all citizens - many of them our neighbours - for their support and commitment to defending our school. With their help, the school remained open and our people could finally have their say.

Barcelona 2nd October,    2017

You may want to watch the following related  video.

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